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International Tai Chi Workshop
Newport, South Wales UK

Newport, South-Wales, UK

Jean Hubert Gagnon

1 juill. 2024

Organized by our esteemed friends and experienced instructors at Tai Chi Evolutions, this workshop will be held in Newport, United Kingdom, October 18 to 21st. It stands as a significant milestone for this group from South-Wales, representing their very first venture into hosting an international event. The dedication and expertise of the people behind Tai Chi Evolutions ensure that this workshop will be a unique and enriching experience for all participant,

Supported by our emerging network of independent schools, this workshop will bring together participants from Canada, the USA, and several European countries. It is a pivotal event that opens up a whole new world of international cooperation for Tai Chi practitioners in the tradition of Master Moy Lin-shin.

We are delighted to announce that Christine and I, will both be attending the event, along with Philippe Gagnon, Elliot Kravitz, and several others from Montreal. Additionally, some of us will be actively engaging in a workshop scheduled to take place in Norway during the following week.

These workshops present a valuable opportunity for us to enhance our skills, exchange knowledge with others, and gain insights into the art transmitted by Master Moy. By participating in these event, instructors and participants from Montreal will not only experience personal growth but will also enhance our connections within the global community.

We look forward to the knowledge and experiences that will be shared during these workshops and the positive impact they will have on all of us.

Registration for the workshop in Wales is still open. For more information and to register to the South-Wales Seminar, please follow this link »

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