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Three-day Tai Chi Seminar
September 18-20, 2024

Philippe instructing Melanie during the Lok Hup seminar, March 2024 CAMMAC Music Center


3 juill. 2024

Following the success of our tai chi week in early March, we're offering a new workshop from Sept. 18-20 at the Centre Musical CAMMAC.

This fall's theme is the use of awareness in every movement.  We'll be exploring the relationship between the internal form and the outside expression of the moves.This is your chance to take part in a long tai chi weekend in good company and enjoy nature in an enchanting setting in the heart of the Laurentians.  We'll focus on the essential aspects of tai chi, those that provide the greatest benefits in the most effective way.  This workshop is for those who have completed at least one introductory course.

Your instructors, Philippe and Hubert Gagnon, have been practising the art of tai chi since the '70s, and are always delighted to share their knowledge with you.  This fall, we also have a special guest instructor from Edmonton, Alberta :  

Paul Bromley, founder of Inner Health Tai Chi, brings a distinct point of view, inspired by years of study with renowned masters in a variety of complementary disciplines.

We look forward to seeing you there! You'll find all the details on our website in our Workshops section or by following this link >>

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