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Online Lok Hup Ba Fa classes
The six harmonies and eight methods

Rhinoceros gazes at the moon - one of many beautiful move in Lok Hup.


30 juin 2024

Join us this Fall to review the 2nd part of Lok Hup Ba Fa (also known as Liu He Ba Fa). Explore the richness of this art, which forms the basis of Mr. Moy Lin-shin's tai chi methods.

The Six Harmonies (Lok Hup) describe how the body, the gestures and the mind harmonize to create unity of intention and movement. The Eight Methods (Ba Fa), in turn, are the means for profoundly transforming the body using tangible processes.

Last Winter we reviewed the first part of the sequence and introduced the 2nd part. This Fall, we'll concentrate on perfecting the 2nd part of the set. We'll outline the essential principles of the sequence, using methods such as balance and posture, opening joints and tendons, merging body and mind, breathing, releasing and moving Qi, mobilizing Jin - methods you'll become familiar with as you practice.

Internet courses (on Zoom)

A minimum of experience in a similar discipline, such as tai-chi, is required to get the most out of this course.

10 class sessions, Tuesday mornings, 9:45 a.m. starting September 3, 2024.

Registration on our website required.

For more information on Liu He Ba Fa, visit our website >>

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